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The YK39 Difference




YK39 Group is a next generation business partner, who’s mission is to have positive


impact on the quality of our clients’ businesses and their people’s lives.  This requires a


different approach,where we’re centered on building partnerships with our clients,


understanding their priorities, and formulating strategies and executable plans to achieve


their desired business outcomes.  Our approach and our collective experience are our most


important offerings, and you will feel the difference the moment you engage with our team.




Built on foundations of trust, empowerment, empathy and innovation, we are committed to


transforming what it means to bring value as a business and technology advisor. 




As an organization of citizens, we play an active role in helping to strengthen the quality of life


in the communities where we live and work. We make it a priority to give generously and


donate our time to Ascend Foundation and Ascend Executive Network, to mentor the next


generation of Pan Asian Leaders.




Our Core Competencies



Executive Technology Leadership                   IT Strategic Planning and Execution


IT Investment Portfolio Management               Program Governance


Business Process Management                      Organizational Development








Technology Leadership That Grows As You Do



Early stage, high growth companies need expert information technology guidance and cost


effective management of technology services.  Finding one person for both tasks is


challenging, and managing an IT team is the last thing you should be doing when your


company’s future is on the line.  We created our company to solve that problem.


With backgrounds in senior management, entrepreneurship and consulting, our goal is to


optimize corporate performance by managing and turning around businesses with strong


potential. We enjoy the challenge of growing organizations by implementing differentiating


strategies while increasing operating and financial efficiency. We have successfully


supported such growth through full lifecycle mergers and acquisitions including sourcing,


valuation, diligence and integration of technology and operations.



Our Story



So we formed our partnership, decided what we could do best to help our clients in


achieving their desired business outcomes, and then went to our friends, colleagues and


partners to help spread the word.  We have decades of experience in the IT world.  We’ve


been on the value-added advisor and solution provider side, and have also been on the


client side too.  Why does that matter?  Because we understand things from your


perspective.  YK39 Group can be key partner to companies that are in any part of their


digital transformation, whether it's at the infancy or early stage (recognition of need to for


change, and need to build strategic plan and execute) or at very mature stage (businesses


that have solid strategy and platforms in place but looking at next generation IT).  Our skills


and experiences drive us to being confident in knowing we could be an immediate


contributor and make meaningful impact.






  • Business and IT Strategic Alignment


  • IT Portfolio Management and Investment Review


  • Operations Planning, Corporate Development, Organizational Management

  • M&A (pre-merger diligence/ post-merger integration)


  • Go-to-Scale Planning (startups and entrepreneurial ventures)


  • Technology Advisory

Let’s create together




Let’s create together




BugZero - BugZero increases IT Operational Intelligence by integrating with your ITSM tool to collect, filter,


correlate, and track non-security bugs specific to your vendor products.



Let’s create together




MicroAgility - MicroAgility, a business transformation agency specialized in strategy execution, was founded in


2003 by former executives of “Big Four” consulting and Wall Street firms.

Let’s create together







Nelson Lin is co-founder and Managing Partner at YK39 Group.  He has extensive


experience as a business advisor and IT executive.  He’s consulted senior leaders in


various businesses across several industries in business development, process re-


engineering, technology strategy, merger integration planning and enterprise systems


implementation.  He’s also led business and technology teams to successfully deliver on


their strategic objectives.  His experience spans a range of industries, including,


telecommunications, consumer products, technology service provider and healthcare. 


He’s also directed and mentored teams within North America, the Caribbean, Europe and





Prior to YK39 Group, Nelson most recently was VP of Information Technology Services and


Chief Information Officer for Konica Minolta Business Solutions, leading IT strategy and


execution, program management and operations  for the North American companies of


Konica Minolta Holdings.  Earlier in his career,  Nelson was Senior Manager at Arthur


Andersen Business Consulting, where he was a senior technology strategist and


management consultant, with practice leadership responsibilities for SAP implementation


integration services and solutions for the Northeast Region.  



Nelson received a Bachelor of Arts  degree in Economics from Rutgers College, and is


working towards a Masters in Information Management at Stevens Institute of Technology. 






Steven M. Pae is co-founder and Managing Partner at YK39 Group.  He most recently was


Senior Vice President at Goldman Sachs leading a technology development team for


Marcus.  Steve was formerly Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Operations


Officer,   Business Capital Division, leading technology and operations for the capital


businesses across CIT. This included technology and operations strategic direction, service


delivery and overall alignment of technology and operations services with business unit


goals and objectives. In addition, Steve was also responsible for digital strategy for the


commercial businesses in Technology and Operations.  



Prior to joining CIT, Steve was Executive Director and Global Head of Product Development


for Electronic Trading at Morgan Stanley. Earlier, Steve was Managing Director and Global


Head of Electronic Trading at Bank of America. Prior, Steve was Vice President and Head


of Trading Technology at a large global financial services firm based in NYC.



Steve received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell


University and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from New York University


Stern Business School.  Steve is also currently an adjunct professor at NYU’s graduate



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